Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Estimating & Measuring

Today we are learning how to estimate the length of an object and then measure the length correctly using centimetres and metres. 

Longer vs Shorter

This morning we are learning about length. We are making meaning by comparing objects. Which is longer? Which is shorter? How do we know? 

Monday, 5 December 2016

Amazing Mazes!

Miss Hinge and Mrs Lawry's maths groups have been learning about position and orientation for the last week.

We came up with some words that are useful for giving directions and describing position. Forwards, backwards, left, right etc. We talked about compass directions - North, South, East and West. The important ones we had to remember were quarter turn and half turn.

Year 2 and 3 Sleepover!

On Friday night we had a year 2 and year 3 sleepover at school. We had so much fun during our own Amazing Race. We had milo and cookies for supper and toast and fruit for breakfast. It was very different sleeping in our learning hubs but most of us got some sleep.

Click here to see more photos from the night.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Travel Wise

This morning we have been learning all about being safe around roads. 

We considered the different hazards we might come across when walking, biking or scootering to school. 

We used a map to find where we live and we talked about the different ways we travel to school.

We practiced crossing the road safely and looking for sneaky driveways on our wheels.

Click here to see more photos from today. 

Friday, 18 November 2016

The Animal Land

We created this movie for our break through learning. It is about friendships. We were very determined because it was our first time making a movie so it put us in the pit. We used fabric for the background and we used the app 'I Can Animate'. We used sound effects to make it more interesting. We made our movie about friendships because we think everyone should be nice to each other.

By Emma and Mia

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Ciara's Athletics Day Recount

Athletics day recount by Ciara. 

On Friday it was ATHLETICS DAY! First I  did the three legged race and my buddy was Mishara. Then i did the long jump and it was fun. I had to jump on the wood as high as i can. My favourite one was the sprinting because I am really fast and i came second. After i did the long jump i did sprinting and for the first round Maria came first and Reilly came second and  I came third. for the second round Reilly came first I came second and Mishara came third. Next I did throwing. The people that were in my team were Kyla, Anna, Frankie and Aston. For the sack race i was in the yellow team. the leaders were all boys! Finally  I got to watch the runners do their race. Zara, Lucy, Emma and Katie did the first round, then Emma , Lucy, Sarah, Anna and Zara did the second race! Then there was a teacher race and miss wang won! Miss Wang  was like a cheetah when she was running in the teacher race. Miss Cambell was close to miss wang so thats why she nearly came second! My athletics was so fun! Why did Miss Cambell come second ? how did Mr Lewzey come third?

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Film Festival

Click here to see all the movies from the 2016 Manaiakalani Film Festival.

Hub1's Manaiakalani Film Festival Entry

Do you have a problem with rubbish? Are you finding it difficult to keep your rubbish under control?

If you need help, call the Rubbish Busters!

This film is about how you can be a Rubbish Buster too! It is our 2016 entry for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. We hope you enjoying watching our film as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Secret Life of Pets

Dear Grandma and Poppa,

In the holidays I went to watch the secret life of pets movie.

My favourite character is Gidget. This is why I like Gidget,she is a great fighter. She is also like a princess. At the end Gidget was cute because she was wearing a shiny silver tiara. Gidget Is a dog and she is small and white like Diesel. My favourite part of the movie was when the little bunny kissed Gidget.  Another of my favourite parts was when the bunny pood some little rabbit poo.

I think you would enjoy the movie. Have you seen it? It was awesome.

From Your Grandchild Lucy


Once upon a time near a faraway land lived a baby zebra called Stripes. One day two old men came driving by and saw Stripes, they picked him up and carried him to the camper van. The next morning Stripes was running round and round the paddock. As Stripes got older he became faster and faster. When Stripes was old enough he was allowed to race. 3 years later…  they went to the racecourse and raced. On the first race Stripes was running super fast but he got mud in his eyes. In the second race, Stripes won! Everyone was cheering for good luck.

When the movie finished I felt jealous because I LOVE anything that you can ride on.

By Elle Wong

Saturday, 22 October 2016


In the holidays I went luging I went with my mum and my sister. I went on the intermediate track, it was hard because it was because it was steep and fast. I did forget to bring my helmet so I got one from the basket. At the end we went up the chair lift. I went with my mum and we counted 21 helmets on the safety nets and bushes even though the sign did say to keep helmets on. I also went on the scenic track, it was easy but I am ok with it. On our second go we saw our friends so we luged together. At the end we went down the gondola I felt happy because I really enjoyed luging.

By Dom

Friday, 21 October 2016

The Movies

In the holidays I went to the movies with my nan.
Firstly, we got our tickets. Then we went in and up the stairs. Afterwards we got our ice creams I got boysenberry and white chocolate because it is my FAVOURITE!!! We went to watch Pete’s Dragon. We went to cinema four and chose our seats to watch the movie. When the movie was done we went home. I was feeling happy and warm because there were lots of heaters in the cinema.

Letter to Nana and Poppa

To Nana and Poppa,
I remember when I went to your house I went onto the balcony while dad was getting the shiney grey knives and forks. Then I stood on the big tiles and looked up at the blue sky and tall buildings. The view was amazing. Then dad came back and cooked sausages steak and chicken. My favourite food was the sausages. The barbecue looked like fire shooting up. A plane passed which was so noisy, I jumped. My dad took me inside and we played a game but then dad watched the news. I felt happy and it was so much fun!
From Zoe.

Max's House

Last Friday I went to Max's house. I went to the playground with him. We played until Max's mum said we are going home. She asked me if me if I wanted to go home or go with them. I said o.k. So we rode our bikes to a house. His mum said that I can play with Max's playstation. We Played the boss level. It was very hard teamwork. We did not win,though,so we played rocket fun land. It was that I had to v.s Max and Aaron. I won every event. It was fun. Then we hate chocolate mushrooms. Next I played the ping pong game on the playstation. However we did not finish it. Then we had a play on some nerf guns. My highest score is 190. Eventually, my dad picked me up and went home. I felt happy when I played with the play station.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Dorothy's Farm

On Sunday I went to my Dad’s friend’s farm, and his friend’s name was Dorothy. I went with my Dad and my brother. It was quite a sunny day. I also met three other people called Maria, Shaun and Lorraine. First we feed the sheep with some old bread. Shaun was a bit scared to feed them, so Dorothy helped him. When we were done, we took our gum boots off and had a look inside the house. Dorothy showed us around the house. Then John and Gabriel came out of the hallway. We talked and talked and one of the adults decided to have a tiki tour. So we went out to the two Utes and Maria hopped in first so she was on the right and I got in after her and Josh got in after me. Lorraine said that Shaun could hop on Josh's knee. Gabriel drove and Lorraine sat in the passenger seat. While we were driving, Lorraine said “there will be no ice cream when we get back”, but we knew that she was jollying! Along the way, John and my Dad stopped in front of us because they thought there was a calf in trouble. They got out and went over but it was either a rock or the calf was with its mother. When we got back, there was ice cream, ice cream cake, cakes, cupcakes and heaps more! The cakes and ice cream was delicious! We had an amazing time and I would like to go again!

By Katelyn C


On Macy’s wonderful birthday Dad and I went on  the rollercoaster at Disneyland. When Dad and I were waiting in the line to go on the rollercoaster, we had shivering legs and I was freaking out because you go upside down! Which is very scary for me. Eventually, someone came to see how many people we were going with and we said “Two”. Next, The man said “go to number one please.” Number one was where you stand to get into the rollercoaster. I thought number one was the back, but when the rollercoaster came to a full stop the front of the rollercoaster was where we were standing. I was freaking out more then ever. I was so afraid to go in the front rather then in the back. Dad and I got in the rollercoaster with our legs shaking. Some time later a tall man with black glasses came wandering over. He was going to pull down the black safety bars that were on top of our heads. He pulled them down and then off we went. The roller coaster stopped and then through some big speakers someone said “five, four, three, two, ONE! GO!” Off we went very fast and then we went up a big track that was very steep. When we were up the top we went sloooooowwwwwwww and then we went straight down and it was so scary that I was frozen in fear until a straight track came up but not for long! We turned a corner I felt like I was tipping and then we went upside down! I had my eyes open when we went upside down. Finally, we went up a big track again and went straight down again. Round two corners and then slowed down to get off the rollercoaster. We stopped and hopped out of the rollercoaster. I felt amazing but at the same time frightened.

Meeting Minnie Mouse

On Sunday in America I went to Disneyland with mummy, daddy and Jake. We all went on the holiday for fun. When I saw Minnie it was at the parade. I was wearing my Minnie ears. Sadly Minnie was on the opposite side of me but luckily I saw Mickey playing the drums. After that the parade finished. Maybe Minnie even liked my Minnie ears and white dress with black stripes. My Minnie ears had a red bow with white dots and black ears. I was happy, really excited and hot. I was also really hungry too but luckily I got a churro.

By Mikayla

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Dancing in Mandarin

Today we were very fortunate to have a performance in Mandarin today.  This is a traditional dance that we learned last week with the intention of performing it this week!  Well done girls!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Cross Country

I went to school in mufti clothes. I was excited. My mum was cheering at me. I was running in the mud. It was fun. It was a big race. I had to run around the whole school once. Then we had to run around the field two times. It was challenging by people running in front of me. I was very close to the end and I saw everyone who was in front me. I was at the finish line. I came in fifteenth place. I was determined.

By Kyle

Recipes by Zoe and Lucy V

Last week we read a book called Spanish Omelet.  Our follow up was to create a recipe of our own - we could think of a recipe that we already knew or we could create our own recipe!  We had to think of what ingredients we needed and how we could tell other people how to make these recipes.

The Twisty Cake Recipe by Zoe

Chocolate Brownies by Lucy V

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Cross Country by April

Cross Country by Jasmine

It was Thursday when it was cross country.  I was in the cross country but I didn't come first, second, third, fourth or fifth.  I probably came 16th.  First the Year Two boys went.  Ted came first for the Year Two boys.  Then the Year Two girls went but I don't know who came first for Year Two girls.

I felt happy because my mum was cheering when I ran past here.  I had to smile when I ran past her and I could not stop smiling.  My mum came with Liam.  Liam is only three weeks old and he is a baby.  There was squishy mud under my runners.  I almost came last.  When I got to the hub, my runners were all muddy as I had been running in the mud.  Madi was running in the cross the country so she was taking photos of us.

Watching Cross Country by Hailey

On Thursday I was standing on the grass with Madi.  We took photos of the learners running past.  They were faster than me.  I look some sweet photos.  I got a sweet photo of Keira and Scarlett running past me.  I knew who would win - Emma.  She is so fast!  Emma came second, Sarah came first and Anna came third.

Cross Country by Oscar

When I came to school it was cross country.when it was my turn to run, I sprinted at the start, jogged in the middle and sprinted at the end. When I crossed the finish line I felt amazed because I had tried my hardest.

Cross Country by Aarav

I am a year 3 and the year two boys were first. Out of the year two boys race Ted came first place. Then it was the year two girls race. The year two races was a bit slow then it was my turn the race was the fastest race out of all the races.  I did not get muddy at all. When the whistle blew everyone in the year 3 boys were running like goons. I was so fast at the end and the start.  At the ending there was not a lot of year 3s. When the year 3 girls went they were slow at coming back. I felt happy when I came back from the race .  I was very tired after the cross country and it was long. We had to do two half laps. I changed into my uniform.

Cross Country by Aaron

Today I went to school for cross country. When I went to school I felt nervous.  Then I went to line up for cross country. It was time for the year three boys to go.  We ran three and a half laps. At the beginning everybody rushed to the finish line like a racing car. I was puffed out but I said to myself keep on going.  Then I came eighth it was a hard race. I heard a lot of cheering you had to get two marks before you finish. If you were first,second or third you got a certificate at assembly. Blue certificates were for first, yellow were for second and red were for third.

Cross Country by Harrison

Cross Country by Max

When it was start of the race I was squashed by a lot  of people and I felt frustrated. When the whistle blowed everybody ran like a bunch of bulls. The mud was splashing on me like hard rain drops. When I was on the mountain my legs were all sore. Then I saw people cheering.When I reach Mr Hessian I was kind of puffing so I went jogging up the hill. When I reached the concrete I felt exhausted.I tried to run but I was too puffed. When I reached the finish line I felt happy and my breath was not puffed.

Cross Country by Nubaid

When I started running I saw so many people sprinting and I was like "There is no way I am coming first, second or third." There were red flags and parents to guide me. There were not too many people behind me. I was being so determined. It was so hard because I was stopping a lot. When I was on the second lap I was saying to myself "Come on I am so close." I was pacing myself so I don't get too tired. When I saw Mr Lewzey at the finish I was like "yes because I finished the course and I didn't come last!"

Monday, 5 September 2016

Cross Country by Addison

Cross Country by Ella

Cross Country by Isaac

Cross Country by Jack

Cross Country by Fergus

The Cross Country by Zophron

Cross Country by Lucy V

Cross Country by Zoe

On Thursday it was cross country. There was loud music and lots of people. It was like a school fair. Time went so fast that I nearly thought it wasn't our turn. I felt nervous and scared but still excited. Then I heard the whistle. I ran as fast as I could but then I realised that if I ran slower at the start I could go super fast at the end. So I just jogged. Then I got to the squishy mud it felt like stepping into a pile of wet leaves. I ran over the mound and around the field and onto the rocky path that felt like I was in a tunnel of rocks. I did one lap because I got one vivid mark on my hand. Then I went around the school again and heard people screaming. I did the last half and I was relieved and I got 10th place. I was happy because I did the run.

Cross Country by Romi

The Best Cross Country Ever by Emma

On the first of September it was cross country. I was wearing a running outfit.When I lined up for cross country I felt very nervous.I could hear people cheering.When the year two boys went.Next the year the year two girls went.I started to cheer a little bit.Then it was time for me do do the race.I had butterflies in my tummy.After the whistle blew.I sprinted off.I could hear my dad cheering for me.Then I started to speed up.I could hear the squishy mud.Next when I got to the mound I was in the lead.I ran past the flax and past the rocks.Also I had to go up another mound.After I got a mark on my hand.Next I went out of school and onto the footpath I could hear people cheering for me.I felt good and happy.I could see a lot of people when I was running.I was almost up to my second lap.Then I was up to my second lap.I felt tired.But I had to keep running.Finally I got to the finish line.I was sprinting to come first.But then Sarah past me she came first .But I came second.When I finished I was relieved that it was over.I was puffed.

Cross Country by Luke

Cross Country by Eric

At the beginning of the race people rushed like meteors. People sprinted and puffed. Grass got stomped on like we were giants. The fierce wind blew like splashing waves. We climbed the hill. We bashed onto the rocky pathway on the hill. We ran like lightning strike to finish our first lap. We sprinted to finish our second lap. Then we rushed like bulls acting we saw red. Everybody zoomed to reach first place. We reached the finish line. I felt proud of myself because that I finished.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Break Through Exhibition by Scarlett

On Tuesday, it was the Hub 6/7 show.  I was there because my sister Elise was performing and Hailey's sister was performing too.  I asked my Mum if I could go to the circus in Hub 3 with Hailey. When we were at the circus in Hub 3, we got balloons for free.  Then we went to Hub 6/7 to watch the show.  When my sister came on, I saw her big bushy tail and I recognised the sun from the Wiggles.  Then I went to show my Mum and Dad my learning in Hub 1.  My Mum and Dad said that it was really cool!

Break Through Exhibition by Madi

On Tuesday at home I was nervous to go to the Break Through Exhibition to sell cards other people because I thought that there would be a lot of people at the stand. Then we went to the the exhibition and I went into hub 1 to see what was happening. Then I went into hub 2 to sell some cards. Then I went to my sisters hub and she is in healthy baking. Then I went to watch the circus and it was gymnastics. Then it was time to go. We went to netball and at the end Ella and I got hot chips. After that we went home and had dinner. Then I had a shower and got my gym jams on and watched some TV. Next I went to bed and straight away I was out.

The Exhibition by Jasmine

The Break Through Exhibition by Aaron

Today I went to the breakthrough Exhibition. I saw Max at the breakthrough exhibition. Me and Max wanted a sausage sizzle. It was $2. There was a long queue in front of us. I asked my mum if she could stay in the queue and I could play with Max. On the playground I played playground tag and you can't touch the ground. Then I went to see the show but mum said it was too long. So my mum bought a burger for $5. Then I went on the bridge and I saw Eric in hub 2. Eric bought a Emoji cookie then I went home.

Break Through Exhibition by Harrison

The Exhibition

First my mum and dad looked at my breakthrough then we went up to hub 3 and I watched the circus. Then I had a hotdog after that I watched the gymnastics then I went to hub 2 and looked at the parkour playground. 

By Thomas

The Exhibition by Romi

Last week I went to the exhibition at Stonefields School. I went with my mum and my dad and my brother. I wanted to go because I wanted my mum to see my learning. I liked the teddy bear biscuit.

Going to School with my Family

At the break through exhibition at school. And my whole entire family came. They went to hub 1, 2 and 3 we went over the bridge four times with my sister and my mum and dad and little brother. We went to play snakes and ladders with my sister and I won the game. After the game we went to see my break through in hub two. To see my break through on my canvas. And I saw stuff fluff.

By Erica

Monday, 29 August 2016

Break Through Exhibition

In the car I was really excited for the break through exhibition. First I went to sell my cards. Then I went to LH3 and listened to some music. Then I went to LH8 and went through the tunnel. Then I went to see the bridge. Then I went back to sell my cards until all of them were gone. And then I had some food and then I went home.

By Maria 

Break Through Exhibition

I liked hub 6/7's show. I liked the parkour playground group because they jumped off other places.
I liked that it was night it was Tuesday and I like Brodie's skate board. Then I went to the 3D 

printer. The best was Pikachu.

By Benjamin

The Exhibition

I went up stairs to watch the movies then my mum gave me some money then I went down stairs I bought coconut balls and russian fudge then me and my dad went to look at my brother's learning then we went over the bridge then I got a piece of cake. Then I had a burger  for dinner.

By Fergus 

The Break Through Exhibition

Last night I went to the break through exhibition. It was fun I went to see Brodie's skate park that he made out of wood and metal. I tried it with one of his last year skate boards that he 3D printed it was cool and all of my turns was bad. Only one turn was good and then I went to the 3D printer. I saw cool 3D printed things. My favourite 3D printed thing was an Octopus then I went home and I got McDonald's.

By Luke 

The Exhibition

First I went home then I played with my brother then got dressed in my dress then we went in the car in the car I was very excited then I went to my hub and then we went to hub two then I went to hub 6 to see their show then I went to hub to 3.

By Tayla 

The Exhibition

At the Exhibition I saw my friend Illy. We looked at the bridge. It was big.I  went to hub 3. I saw the disco in hub 3. It was very quiet. Then we went to the drums. It was very loud. Then we went to hub 7 we watched the show. I went with my dad.

By Kyle 

How the Break Through Exhibition Went

The fudge tasted ok and smelt ok. It looked yummy too and the cards looked nice and cool because one of them was my favourite colour. Also the bridge looked good too. It looked like a normal bridge and we had a ribbon ceremony on it. We can go to hub two and hub one easier.

By Tobias 

Break Through Exhibition by Max

Today I went the break through exhibition and it was exciting. I went with my little brother and Mum.First I went to show mum my bridge with my little brother and I showed them the photo of the 11 building brothers.Then I felt hungry so I went to buy a hotdog. Then I saw Aaron lining up to get a hotdog it was a long line and I asked Mum to be in line for me so I could play on the playground. Aaron did the same. He gave the money to his mum and I did too. After 30 minutes Aaron went home and I went to show mum in hub 3 we only walked a little bit in the hub. We went hub 5 and there was a show we had to wait a long time so I went to get another hot dog. Then I saw Eric and after a little while they said it was sold out. Lastly we played on the senior playground then I had to go home.

Break Through Exhibition by Aarav

Today I went to the Break Through Exhibition. I came at 7:20 pm because my mum came from university at 7:10.  Then we ate some food and then went to the exhibition. We were a bit late for the Break Through Exhibition. My break through was in Hub Two. I was in the parkour explorers. My favourite part was walking on the Eleven bridge building brothers bridge. Our group made a parkour playground out of cardboard and foam. Then I went to Hub One and there was gardening and a dance. I liked the Break Through  Exhibition because it was fun. I liked the Break Through Exhibition because I saw my break through and my friends. But I did out go through the whole entire school.

The Greatest Break Through Exhibition by Emma

I went to the Exhibition on Tuesday. First I showed my mum my breakthrough slides.she asked me some things about it and I was happy she liked it. Next went into hub two and I showed my mum my final product it was a stuff toy. My mum and me went to explore other hubs. We explored hub three.we saw a little bit of the circus. Then we ate some food at the stalls. I watched a singing performance. Lastly I watched the hub six and seven show with Siena. But I just had a little bit more food.Then I went home.I stayed  up till eight o,clock. I was very tired now.That was one of my favourite Exhibitions time ever.

Break Through Exhibition by Eric

I was at home. I decided to bring ten dollars. I went to the breakthrough exhibition. I showed my Mum my breakthrough. Mum said that she really liked my bridge that I help build.  I bought some dinner bread and juice. It was marvellous. Then I played on the senior playground. Me and Max hopped onto the playground and we swing around the playground. Then we went to LH1 to show my learning. My mum took photos of the bridge. Then I had to go back home. 

If I went to the Break Through Exhibition by Nubaid

If I saw the breakthrough I think it would be fun because it might be Interesting to see people's learning. I think the food there might be yummy as long as it's vegetarian. Showing my parents the learning I have done would be exciting because I get to show them my breakthrough. The silent disco sounds fun because I like dancing. I think that the hub 6/7 show would not be too interesting. But I might still go there because it might be funny.

The Break Through Exhibition by April

On Tuesday 23.8.16  I went to the Break Through Exhibition. I got two hot dogs for me and my sister . Then I got some Russian Fudge. After that I went to look at my sewing . So I went there to  look with my sister. She said."It is so cute and pretty." I said "Thank you." Then she took me to her Break Through. She was in the puzzle group in hub 9. I said "That is so cool." and she said "Thanks!"
Then my mum called me to go home for dinner. I walked home with my sister .


In the car I was really excited for the Break Through Exhibition. When I got to the school I went to hub two. In hub two I showed my grandma my sewing. Then we went to bridge. We went over to the snakes and ladders with Addison. Then my dad came and I showed my dad hub three, two and one and the bridge. When I went home I saw my little brother.

By Ella 

The Break Through Exhibition

In the car I was really exited for the break through exhibition. When I got to the school I went to hub two. In hub two I showed my Aunty my sewing. Then we went to the bridge. We went over the bridge to the snakes and ladders with Ella. When I went home I saw my big sister.

By Addison

The Awesome Break Through Exhibition

After school I went to the mad butcher. When I was in the car I was thinking about the breakthrough exhibition. When I got back to school I helped get ready for the exhibition. Soon it was time for the exhibition. First I went to hub 3. In hub 3 I saw a room covered in black curtains so I went in and it was a silent disco! I stayed in the silent disco and listened to music for a little bit. Then I went to hub 6 to watch the show. It looked really cool. Then I went to get a sausage and some fudge. I ate my sausage then I ate my fudge. Then I went home. 

By Lucy V

The Bridge

I like going on bridges because they are fun. When I went on the bridge it was cool because it had a curve. I want to make one and I am going to build one when I grow up.

By Zophron

The Cool Break Through Exhibition

When I was getting ready for the break through exhibition I thought of all of the things that would be there. After that my nana and poppa came to my house and had a drink. We walked to school and quickly went to my dance and watched my group. We were very good. Then I played on the playground while my nana was waiting to get a sausage. After that I went into hub two to make some cards and I saw Melody and Lucy. After that I went across the bridge and watched the video again. Then I went to show my presentation to them. Then I went home and watched TV.

By Zoe 

Friday, 26 August 2016

How to play: Snakes and Ladders

How to play: Snakes and Ladders


If you get to a ladder, you go up it.
If you get to a snake, you go down it.

How to play:

Step 1. Roll the dice

Step 2. For an example, if I get the number 6, I move 6 spaces.

Step 3. After you have had your go, give someone else a turn.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Kiwi Sport Badminton - Week 3

We got a surprise when we got to Kiwi Sport to play Badminton - there were nets there!

Maria taught us about how to serve and hit the shuttle cock over the net.  It was very challenging to begin with but we were all determined and practiced enough to have a rally.

We learned that a rally is when you hit the shuttle cock back and forth to each other and we counted how many times we managed to hit it to our partner.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Kiwi Sport Badminton

It is our second week of Badminton and we are having lots of fun! This week we are continuing to practice our back hand and fore hand grip on the racquet. We have also been learning to hit the shuttlecock and hitting it back and forth to each other. It was quite tricky to catch the shuttlecock too!

Mikayla - When you hit the shuttle cock with the racquet I find that interesting.
Ella - I find it interesting that there's fore hand and back hand.
Ira - I like how they do it and it sounds fun.
Taylor - I liked the fore hand grip because it was really easy.
Callum - I like doing the challenges because they're hard.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Our Gift for Mrs Panapa's Farewell Assembly

Today was our special assembly for Mrs Panapa and we as a hub decided to make a movie for her so we can tell her all about our special memories we shared with her or wish her good luck for her new school.

This film was put on a memory stick that Addison and Taylor gave her to at the assembly.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Maths Strand - Volume and Capacity

Miss Hinge's maths group has been learning about Volume and Capacity as parts of maths strand. We have been comparing sizes and weights of containers. 

We looked at the story of 'Who Sank the Boat?' by Pamela Allen and compared the size and weights of the animals. We made our own boats from tin foil and put bears in until it sunk.

Today we watched the fairy tale story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and compared the size of the 3 bears bowls and other items they may use.

Then we experimented with the containers and decided which bear should have each container.  

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Mikayla and Ella's maths learning

The Sparkle Whales were looking at multiplication yesterday and finding sets of materials.

Mikayla and Ella carried out their follow up on a large whiteboard and decided to make an iMovie of their learning. Fantastic creating girls and thanks for sharing with the rest of the maths group!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Golden Gorillas - Learning about Information Reports

WALHT: use the layout of the text to help me understand the type of text it is.

This week the Golden Gorillas have been learning how to read information reports.  We have been learning to use headings to build our knowledge about what we are reading and using the index and glossary to help locate information in the text.

We applied our understanding by doing research on an animal and using headings to let our readers understand what our writing is about.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Learner Led Conferences

Wednesday 29th June 

Must Do
Can Do
Share your progressions on SchoolTalk:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Learner Qualities

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Go to the LH1 site. Show your parent/caregiver how you use this to access your learning.

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Share your
break through learning.

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Go to the LH1 Blog and show your parent/caregiver some of your learning on here.
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Have a discussion about what you might like to share on here for the rest of the year.
Share what you know about the Learning Process and how you use it in different learning areas.
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Share some of your learning that is on the wall with your parent/caregiver.

Share some of your Reading, Writing and Maths learning.
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Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 4.03.06 pm.pngBuilding Learning Capacity.jpg
Check out the provocations on the tables and see what you can discover.


Play one of your favourite games with your parent/caregiver.


LH1 Blog Profiles

WALHT create a positive digital footprint.

This term we have been learning all about our digital footprint. We made meaning by comparing what information is ok to share online and what information is not ok to share online. This helped us to apply our understanding and decide what information we wanted to share about ourselves.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog profiles!

Year 3 Profiles

Year 2 Profiles

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Rippa Rugby

Learning Hub 1 had their second Rippa Rugby session this morning. We enjoyed ripping the tags off of each others belts!!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Ryan and Jack's writing


You published your writing on the blog boys, well done!