Friday, 21 October 2016

Max's House

Last Friday I went to Max's house. I went to the playground with him. We played until Max's mum said we are going home. She asked me if me if I wanted to go home or go with them. I said o.k. So we rode our bikes to a house. His mum said that I can play with Max's playstation. We Played the boss level. It was very hard teamwork. We did not win,though,so we played rocket fun land. It was that I had to v.s Max and Aaron. I won every event. It was fun. Then we hate chocolate mushrooms. Next I played the ping pong game on the playstation. However we did not finish it. Then we had a play on some nerf guns. My highest score is 190. Eventually, my dad picked me up and went home. I felt happy when I played with the play station.

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