Thursday, 7 April 2016

Planting Cabbage

On Tuesday morning at school we learnt how to grow cabbage. First we had to get gloves. Then when undid the ropes. When the ropes were undone we started to pull the weeds out and we had to put the weeds in the rubbish bag. Then it was time for the fun part. We put the new soil in. Then we put the cabbage in. The End.

By Zara W

Learning how to Plant Cabbage

Today we learnt how to plant cabbage. Before we started we had to put on our hats. When we got outside we had to put a glove on our hand. Then we watered the other plants. Then we took the weeds out of the gardens. We had a photographer and she took all the pictures. Then we put the new soil in the garden. Then we dug a hole for the cabbage. Then we squished a little bit of the plant. Then someone had to hold the plant softly when the other person was putting the soil around it.

By Mia

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Planting Cabbage

Today we learnt how to plant a cabbage.

1. Pull out the weeds.
2. Put in new soil
3. You need to dig holes.
4. Get the plant out. You need to squish the bottom.
5. Take a buddy to hold the plant very safely.
6. Then you need to cover it up with soil.

By Addison