Monday, 24 October 2016

Secret Life of Pets

Dear Grandma and Poppa,

In the holidays I went to watch the secret life of pets movie.

My favourite character is Gidget. This is why I like Gidget,she is a great fighter. She is also like a princess. At the end Gidget was cute because she was wearing a shiny silver tiara. Gidget Is a dog and she is small and white like Diesel. My favourite part of the movie was when the little bunny kissed Gidget.  Another of my favourite parts was when the bunny pood some little rabbit poo.

I think you would enjoy the movie. Have you seen it? It was awesome.

From Your Grandchild Lucy


Once upon a time near a faraway land lived a baby zebra called Stripes. One day two old men came driving by and saw Stripes, they picked him up and carried him to the camper van. The next morning Stripes was running round and round the paddock. As Stripes got older he became faster and faster. When Stripes was old enough he was allowed to race. 3 years later…  they went to the racecourse and raced. On the first race Stripes was running super fast but he got mud in his eyes. In the second race, Stripes won! Everyone was cheering for good luck.

When the movie finished I felt jealous because I LOVE anything that you can ride on.

By Elle Wong

Saturday, 22 October 2016


In the holidays I went luging I went with my mum and my sister. I went on the intermediate track, it was hard because it was because it was steep and fast. I did forget to bring my helmet so I got one from the basket. At the end we went up the chair lift. I went with my mum and we counted 21 helmets on the safety nets and bushes even though the sign did say to keep helmets on. I also went on the scenic track, it was easy but I am ok with it. On our second go we saw our friends so we luged together. At the end we went down the gondola I felt happy because I really enjoyed luging.

By Dom

Friday, 21 October 2016

The Movies

In the holidays I went to the movies with my nan.
Firstly, we got our tickets. Then we went in and up the stairs. Afterwards we got our ice creams I got boysenberry and white chocolate because it is my FAVOURITE!!! We went to watch Pete’s Dragon. We went to cinema four and chose our seats to watch the movie. When the movie was done we went home. I was feeling happy and warm because there were lots of heaters in the cinema.

Letter to Nana and Poppa

To Nana and Poppa,
I remember when I went to your house I went onto the balcony while dad was getting the shiney grey knives and forks. Then I stood on the big tiles and looked up at the blue sky and tall buildings. The view was amazing. Then dad came back and cooked sausages steak and chicken. My favourite food was the sausages. The barbecue looked like fire shooting up. A plane passed which was so noisy, I jumped. My dad took me inside and we played a game but then dad watched the news. I felt happy and it was so much fun!
From Zoe.

Max's House

Last Friday I went to Max's house. I went to the playground with him. We played until Max's mum said we are going home. She asked me if me if I wanted to go home or go with them. I said o.k. So we rode our bikes to a house. His mum said that I can play with Max's playstation. We Played the boss level. It was very hard teamwork. We did not win,though,so we played rocket fun land. It was that I had to v.s Max and Aaron. I won every event. It was fun. Then we hate chocolate mushrooms. Next I played the ping pong game on the playstation. However we did not finish it. Then we had a play on some nerf guns. My highest score is 190. Eventually, my dad picked me up and went home. I felt happy when I played with the play station.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Dorothy's Farm

On Sunday I went to my Dad’s friend’s farm, and his friend’s name was Dorothy. I went with my Dad and my brother. It was quite a sunny day. I also met three other people called Maria, Shaun and Lorraine. First we feed the sheep with some old bread. Shaun was a bit scared to feed them, so Dorothy helped him. When we were done, we took our gum boots off and had a look inside the house. Dorothy showed us around the house. Then John and Gabriel came out of the hallway. We talked and talked and one of the adults decided to have a tiki tour. So we went out to the two Utes and Maria hopped in first so she was on the right and I got in after her and Josh got in after me. Lorraine said that Shaun could hop on Josh's knee. Gabriel drove and Lorraine sat in the passenger seat. While we were driving, Lorraine said “there will be no ice cream when we get back”, but we knew that she was jollying! Along the way, John and my Dad stopped in front of us because they thought there was a calf in trouble. They got out and went over but it was either a rock or the calf was with its mother. When we got back, there was ice cream, ice cream cake, cakes, cupcakes and heaps more! The cakes and ice cream was delicious! We had an amazing time and I would like to go again!

By Katelyn C


On Macy’s wonderful birthday Dad and I went on  the rollercoaster at Disneyland. When Dad and I were waiting in the line to go on the rollercoaster, we had shivering legs and I was freaking out because you go upside down! Which is very scary for me. Eventually, someone came to see how many people we were going with and we said “Two”. Next, The man said “go to number one please.” Number one was where you stand to get into the rollercoaster. I thought number one was the back, but when the rollercoaster came to a full stop the front of the rollercoaster was where we were standing. I was freaking out more then ever. I was so afraid to go in the front rather then in the back. Dad and I got in the rollercoaster with our legs shaking. Some time later a tall man with black glasses came wandering over. He was going to pull down the black safety bars that were on top of our heads. He pulled them down and then off we went. The roller coaster stopped and then through some big speakers someone said “five, four, three, two, ONE! GO!” Off we went very fast and then we went up a big track that was very steep. When we were up the top we went sloooooowwwwwwww and then we went straight down and it was so scary that I was frozen in fear until a straight track came up but not for long! We turned a corner I felt like I was tipping and then we went upside down! I had my eyes open when we went upside down. Finally, we went up a big track again and went straight down again. Round two corners and then slowed down to get off the rollercoaster. We stopped and hopped out of the rollercoaster. I felt amazing but at the same time frightened.

Meeting Minnie Mouse

On Sunday in America I went to Disneyland with mummy, daddy and Jake. We all went on the holiday for fun. When I saw Minnie it was at the parade. I was wearing my Minnie ears. Sadly Minnie was on the opposite side of me but luckily I saw Mickey playing the drums. After that the parade finished. Maybe Minnie even liked my Minnie ears and white dress with black stripes. My Minnie ears had a red bow with white dots and black ears. I was happy, really excited and hot. I was also really hungry too but luckily I got a churro.

By Mikayla