Monday, 24 October 2016

Secret Life of Pets

Dear Grandma and Poppa,

In the holidays I went to watch the secret life of pets movie.

My favourite character is Gidget. This is why I like Gidget,she is a great fighter. She is also like a princess. At the end Gidget was cute because she was wearing a shiny silver tiara. Gidget Is a dog and she is small and white like Diesel. My favourite part of the movie was when the little bunny kissed Gidget.  Another of my favourite parts was when the bunny pood some little rabbit poo.

I think you would enjoy the movie. Have you seen it? It was awesome.

From Your Grandchild Lucy

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lucy, what a great review of the movie. I am pleased you enjoyed it. I wonder if Gidget barks loudly like Diesel. Poppa and I have seen a few bunnies at the holiday home. Keep up the good writing.
    Love from Grandma and Poppa