Thursday, 22 September 2016

Dancing in Mandarin

Today we were very fortunate to have a performance in Mandarin today.  This is a traditional dance that we learned last week with the intention of performing it this week!  Well done girls!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Cross Country

I went to school in mufti clothes. I was excited. My mum was cheering at me. I was running in the mud. It was fun. It was a big race. I had to run around the whole school once. Then we had to run around the field two times. It was challenging by people running in front of me. I was very close to the end and I saw everyone who was in front me. I was at the finish line. I came in fifteenth place. I was determined.

By Kyle

Recipes by Zoe and Lucy V

Last week we read a book called Spanish Omelet.  Our follow up was to create a recipe of our own - we could think of a recipe that we already knew or we could create our own recipe!  We had to think of what ingredients we needed and how we could tell other people how to make these recipes.

The Twisty Cake Recipe by Zoe

Chocolate Brownies by Lucy V

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Cross Country by April

Cross Country by Jasmine

It was Thursday when it was cross country.  I was in the cross country but I didn't come first, second, third, fourth or fifth.  I probably came 16th.  First the Year Two boys went.  Ted came first for the Year Two boys.  Then the Year Two girls went but I don't know who came first for Year Two girls.

I felt happy because my mum was cheering when I ran past here.  I had to smile when I ran past her and I could not stop smiling.  My mum came with Liam.  Liam is only three weeks old and he is a baby.  There was squishy mud under my runners.  I almost came last.  When I got to the hub, my runners were all muddy as I had been running in the mud.  Madi was running in the cross the country so she was taking photos of us.

Watching Cross Country by Hailey

On Thursday I was standing on the grass with Madi.  We took photos of the learners running past.  They were faster than me.  I look some sweet photos.  I got a sweet photo of Keira and Scarlett running past me.  I knew who would win - Emma.  She is so fast!  Emma came second, Sarah came first and Anna came third.

Cross Country by Oscar

When I came to school it was cross country.when it was my turn to run, I sprinted at the start, jogged in the middle and sprinted at the end. When I crossed the finish line I felt amazed because I had tried my hardest.

Cross Country by Aarav

I am a year 3 and the year two boys were first. Out of the year two boys race Ted came first place. Then it was the year two girls race. The year two races was a bit slow then it was my turn the race was the fastest race out of all the races.  I did not get muddy at all. When the whistle blew everyone in the year 3 boys were running like goons. I was so fast at the end and the start.  At the ending there was not a lot of year 3s. When the year 3 girls went they were slow at coming back. I felt happy when I came back from the race .  I was very tired after the cross country and it was long. We had to do two half laps. I changed into my uniform.

Cross Country by Aaron

Today I went to school for cross country. When I went to school I felt nervous.  Then I went to line up for cross country. It was time for the year three boys to go.  We ran three and a half laps. At the beginning everybody rushed to the finish line like a racing car. I was puffed out but I said to myself keep on going.  Then I came eighth it was a hard race. I heard a lot of cheering you had to get two marks before you finish. If you were first,second or third you got a certificate at assembly. Blue certificates were for first, yellow were for second and red were for third.

Cross Country by Harrison

Cross Country by Max

When it was start of the race I was squashed by a lot  of people and I felt frustrated. When the whistle blowed everybody ran like a bunch of bulls. The mud was splashing on me like hard rain drops. When I was on the mountain my legs were all sore. Then I saw people cheering.When I reach Mr Hessian I was kind of puffing so I went jogging up the hill. When I reached the concrete I felt exhausted.I tried to run but I was too puffed. When I reached the finish line I felt happy and my breath was not puffed.

Cross Country by Nubaid

When I started running I saw so many people sprinting and I was like "There is no way I am coming first, second or third." There were red flags and parents to guide me. There were not too many people behind me. I was being so determined. It was so hard because I was stopping a lot. When I was on the second lap I was saying to myself "Come on I am so close." I was pacing myself so I don't get too tired. When I saw Mr Lewzey at the finish I was like "yes because I finished the course and I didn't come last!"

Monday, 5 September 2016

Cross Country by Addison

Cross Country by Ella

Cross Country by Isaac

Cross Country by Jack

Cross Country by Fergus

The Cross Country by Zophron

Cross Country by Lucy V

Cross Country by Zoe

On Thursday it was cross country. There was loud music and lots of people. It was like a school fair. Time went so fast that I nearly thought it wasn't our turn. I felt nervous and scared but still excited. Then I heard the whistle. I ran as fast as I could but then I realised that if I ran slower at the start I could go super fast at the end. So I just jogged. Then I got to the squishy mud it felt like stepping into a pile of wet leaves. I ran over the mound and around the field and onto the rocky path that felt like I was in a tunnel of rocks. I did one lap because I got one vivid mark on my hand. Then I went around the school again and heard people screaming. I did the last half and I was relieved and I got 10th place. I was happy because I did the run.

Cross Country by Romi

The Best Cross Country Ever by Emma

On the first of September it was cross country. I was wearing a running outfit.When I lined up for cross country I felt very nervous.I could hear people cheering.When the year two boys went.Next the year the year two girls went.I started to cheer a little bit.Then it was time for me do do the race.I had butterflies in my tummy.After the whistle blew.I sprinted off.I could hear my dad cheering for me.Then I started to speed up.I could hear the squishy mud.Next when I got to the mound I was in the lead.I ran past the flax and past the rocks.Also I had to go up another mound.After I got a mark on my hand.Next I went out of school and onto the footpath I could hear people cheering for me.I felt good and happy.I could see a lot of people when I was running.I was almost up to my second lap.Then I was up to my second lap.I felt tired.But I had to keep running.Finally I got to the finish line.I was sprinting to come first.But then Sarah past me she came first .But I came second.When I finished I was relieved that it was over.I was puffed.

Cross Country by Luke

Cross Country by Eric

At the beginning of the race people rushed like meteors. People sprinted and puffed. Grass got stomped on like we were giants. The fierce wind blew like splashing waves. We climbed the hill. We bashed onto the rocky pathway on the hill. We ran like lightning strike to finish our first lap. We sprinted to finish our second lap. Then we rushed like bulls acting we saw red. Everybody zoomed to reach first place. We reached the finish line. I felt proud of myself because that I finished.