Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Cross Country by Jasmine

It was Thursday when it was cross country.  I was in the cross country but I didn't come first, second, third, fourth or fifth.  I probably came 16th.  First the Year Two boys went.  Ted came first for the Year Two boys.  Then the Year Two girls went but I don't know who came first for Year Two girls.

I felt happy because my mum was cheering when I ran past here.  I had to smile when I ran past her and I could not stop smiling.  My mum came with Liam.  Liam is only three weeks old and he is a baby.  There was squishy mud under my runners.  I almost came last.  When I got to the hub, my runners were all muddy as I had been running in the mud.  Madi was running in the cross the country so she was taking photos of us.

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