Monday, 5 September 2016

The Best Cross Country Ever by Emma

On the first of September it was cross country. I was wearing a running outfit.When I lined up for cross country I felt very nervous.I could hear people cheering.When the year two boys went.Next the year the year two girls went.I started to cheer a little bit.Then it was time for me do do the race.I had butterflies in my tummy.After the whistle blew.I sprinted off.I could hear my dad cheering for me.Then I started to speed up.I could hear the squishy mud.Next when I got to the mound I was in the lead.I ran past the flax and past the rocks.Also I had to go up another mound.After I got a mark on my hand.Next I went out of school and onto the footpath I could hear people cheering for me.I felt good and happy.I could see a lot of people when I was running.I was almost up to my second lap.Then I was up to my second lap.I felt tired.But I had to keep running.Finally I got to the finish line.I was sprinting to come first.But then Sarah past me she came first .But I came second.When I finished I was relieved that it was over.I was puffed.

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