Thursday, 20 October 2016

Dorothy's Farm

On Sunday I went to my Dad’s friend’s farm, and his friend’s name was Dorothy. I went with my Dad and my brother. It was quite a sunny day. I also met three other people called Maria, Shaun and Lorraine. First we feed the sheep with some old bread. Shaun was a bit scared to feed them, so Dorothy helped him. When we were done, we took our gum boots off and had a look inside the house. Dorothy showed us around the house. Then John and Gabriel came out of the hallway. We talked and talked and one of the adults decided to have a tiki tour. So we went out to the two Utes and Maria hopped in first so she was on the right and I got in after her and Josh got in after me. Lorraine said that Shaun could hop on Josh's knee. Gabriel drove and Lorraine sat in the passenger seat. While we were driving, Lorraine said “there will be no ice cream when we get back”, but we knew that she was jollying! Along the way, John and my Dad stopped in front of us because they thought there was a calf in trouble. They got out and went over but it was either a rock or the calf was with its mother. When we got back, there was ice cream, ice cream cake, cakes, cupcakes and heaps more! The cakes and ice cream was delicious! We had an amazing time and I would like to go again!

By Katelyn C

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