Thursday, 20 October 2016


On Macy’s wonderful birthday Dad and I went on  the rollercoaster at Disneyland. When Dad and I were waiting in the line to go on the rollercoaster, we had shivering legs and I was freaking out because you go upside down! Which is very scary for me. Eventually, someone came to see how many people we were going with and we said “Two”. Next, The man said “go to number one please.” Number one was where you stand to get into the rollercoaster. I thought number one was the back, but when the rollercoaster came to a full stop the front of the rollercoaster was where we were standing. I was freaking out more then ever. I was so afraid to go in the front rather then in the back. Dad and I got in the rollercoaster with our legs shaking. Some time later a tall man with black glasses came wandering over. He was going to pull down the black safety bars that were on top of our heads. He pulled them down and then off we went. The roller coaster stopped and then through some big speakers someone said “five, four, three, two, ONE! GO!” Off we went very fast and then we went up a big track that was very steep. When we were up the top we went sloooooowwwwwwww and then we went straight down and it was so scary that I was frozen in fear until a straight track came up but not for long! We turned a corner I felt like I was tipping and then we went upside down! I had my eyes open when we went upside down. Finally, we went up a big track again and went straight down again. Round two corners and then slowed down to get off the rollercoaster. We stopped and hopped out of the rollercoaster. I felt amazing but at the same time frightened.

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