Monday, 29 August 2016

The Greatest Break Through Exhibition by Emma

I went to the Exhibition on Tuesday. First I showed my mum my breakthrough slides.she asked me some things about it and I was happy she liked it. Next went into hub two and I showed my mum my final product it was a stuff toy. My mum and me went to explore other hubs. We explored hub three.we saw a little bit of the circus. Then we ate some food at the stalls. I watched a singing performance. Lastly I watched the hub six and seven show with Siena. But I just had a little bit more food.Then I went home.I stayed  up till eight o,clock. I was very tired now.That was one of my favourite Exhibitions time ever.

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  1. Hi Emma, You did so much writing about the Break Through Exhibition but it is still very cool and I like how you put me in it. What did you like about it?