Monday, 29 August 2016

Break Through Exhibition by Max

Today I went the break through exhibition and it was exciting. I went with my little brother and Mum.First I went to show mum my bridge with my little brother and I showed them the photo of the 11 building brothers.Then I felt hungry so I went to buy a hotdog. Then I saw Aaron lining up to get a hotdog it was a long line and I asked Mum to be in line for me so I could play on the playground. Aaron did the same. He gave the money to his mum and I did too. After 30 minutes Aaron went home and I went to show mum in hub 3 we only walked a little bit in the hub. We went hub 5 and there was a show we had to wait a long time so I went to get another hot dog. Then I saw Eric and after a little while they said it was sold out. Lastly we played on the senior playground then I had to go home.

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