Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Ciara's Athletics Day Recount

Athletics day recount by Ciara. 

On Friday it was ATHLETICS DAY! First I  did the three legged race and my buddy was Mishara. Then i did the long jump and it was fun. I had to jump on the wood as high as i can. My favourite one was the sprinting because I am really fast and i came second. After i did the long jump i did sprinting and for the first round Maria came first and Reilly came second and  I came third. for the second round Reilly came first I came second and Mishara came third. Next I did throwing. The people that were in my team were Kyla, Anna, Frankie and Aston. For the sack race i was in the yellow team. the leaders were all boys! Finally  I got to watch the runners do their race. Zara, Lucy, Emma and Katie did the first round, then Emma , Lucy, Sarah, Anna and Zara did the second race! Then there was a teacher race and miss wang won! Miss Wang  was like a cheetah when she was running in the teacher race. Miss Cambell was close to miss wang so thats why she nearly came second! My athletics was so fun! Why did Miss Cambell come second ? how did Mr Lewzey come third?

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