Monday, 14 March 2016

In hub 1 and 2 we are learning about cause and effect as part of our concept.

We used scales and the blocks to wonder about cause and effect....if I build my tower too tall what might happen?

Zara C - we are making a house with a hole in the door so someone can come through.

Elle and Emma - we are building the tallest tower!

Molly - we are balancing the scales

Benjamin, Issac and Nubaid - we did it!

Ted and Ryan are using the scales to see what is heavier.

These are the sentences we came up with after our hands on learning:

If I put 2 more blocks on my tower it will fall. Mikayla

If I stand too close to my tower it might knock me out! Elle

If you put too many weights in one scale, the other end will fall. Charlotte

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